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Soccer Coach Fights With Security Guard (Video)

A qualifying soccer game for the 2016 Olympics on Aug. 11 took a bizarre turn when Costa Rica's coach Paulo Wanchope got into a fight with a security guard (video below).

The security guard reportedly told Wanchope not to go on the field as the 0-0 game between Costa Rica and Panama was coming to an end.

In the video, filmed by a bystander, Wanchope opens a gate and appears to be pushed from behind by a spectator into a ball boy. The security guard comes running up, and Wanchope may have thought it was the guard who pushed him.

Wanchope and the security guard exchange punches and kicks until Wanchope is pushed down on a bench where the fight continues.

According to Sky Sports, Wanchope’s brother Javier reportedly told the local media: "Security was bothering him. I believe that authorities from UNCAF (Central American Football Union) have to calm things. Authorities came in yelling and weren't calming thing things down."

On Aug. 12, Wanchope resigned as Costa Rica coach, reports Sky Sports.

Costa Rica’s men’s national team had been winless under Wanchope, a hard pill to swallow in light of the team's wins at the World Cup in 2014, notes The Tico Times.

Sources: The Tico Times, Sky Sports / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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