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Snoop Dogg Mock-Assassinates Trump In Latest Video (Video)

Rapper Snoop Dogg has released a video in which he pretends to assassinate President Donald Trump.

Actually, the clown-faced Trump-like character in the video is named "Ronald Klump," and Snoop Dogg shoots him with a toy gun that emits a "bang" flag.

The song, "Lavender," is a remix of the original track by BADBADNOTGOOD, notes The Daily Beast.

It's not the first time that a performer has joked about killing Trump. During a performance in Dallas on Feb. 10, comedian Eddie Griffin allegedly quipped: “Ya’ll took out one president, you need to take out another," reports The Federalist, citing radio show host Ben Ferguson, who was said to be present at the concert.

In the Snoop Dogg video, Klump makes an announcement deporting all dogs out of the country -- a not-so-subtle reference to Trump's notorious travel ban. Snoop explained his motivation to Billboard:

The ban that this mother***er tried to put up; him winning the presidency; police being able to kill mother****ers and get away with it; people being in jail for weed for 20, 30 years and mother****ers that’s not Black on the streets making money off of it -- but if you got color or ethnicity connected to your name, you’ve been wrongfully accused or locked up for it, and then you watching people not of color position themselves to get millions and billions off of it. It’s a lot of clown s**t going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about, but it’s a few issues that we really wanted to lock into [for the video] like police, the president and just life in general…. Nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f***ing clown as president and the s**t we are dealing with out here. So I wanted to take time out to push pause on a party record and make one of these records for the time being.

The idea of the video reportedly took shape when director Jesse Wellens and Snoop Dogg snuck out of a video game event to light up in the rapper’s car. As Wellens explained, "It included Resident Evil dogs, clowns, a commercial for the faux Snoop Loops cereal, and a timely concept inspired by Philando Castile," Billboard reports.

The song will appear on Snoop Dogg's upcoming album "Never Left," which is scheduled for a May release.

"When I watch it against other music videos, this one has a message and a story. It looks like a film. I’m just proud of the entire piece altogether," said Wellens. 

Sources: The Daily Beast, The Federalist, Billboard, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube via The Daily Beast

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