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Snapchat User 'Saves' Tortoise By Throwing It Into A Pond, Doesn't Realize It Can't Swim

A Snapchat user posted a video of herself throwing a "turtle" into a pond to "save" it, but her action may have caused the animal its life.

The animal in the video appears to not be a turtle, but a gopher tortoise. The biggest problem with what the young woman did in the video is that gopher tortoises cannot swim. 

Internet commenters pointed out the difference after watching her "save" the animal's life and noted that putting a gopher tortoise in water may actually cause it to drown to death.

In the short clip, the young woman says, "Turtle saving is a hobby," before launching the tortoise into a pond. 

Gopher tortoises are listed as federally threatened animals in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Gopher tortoises can also live in Florida, where warnings have been put out after a number of reported incidents occurred in which tortoises were mistakenly thrown into the water.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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