Epic Battle Between Snake And Spider (Video)


An Australian woman shot a brief video (below) of a deadly snake struggling to free itself from a spider's web in her shed. The video, which was posted to her Facebook page, has now gone viral.

Jamii-Leigh Marwick of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia came across the scene on March 13 when she heard her 4-year-old son, Eamon, screaming about a snake in the family's back shed, MSN reported.

When Marwick went to take a look, she saw the large Western brown snake attempting to fight its way out of the web of a female redback spider. The Western brown snake is a highly venomous snake native to Australia.

The woman said she sent her children to get her phone so she could record the encounter. She later posted the one-minute video clip of the two animals locked in combat on her Facebook page.

The video, which was posted on March 13, had been viewed more than 70,000 times in three days. Facebook commenters responding to the video expressed their wonder and amusement.

"I cannot believe this person was trying to catch a deadly juvenile brown snake to save it?" one incredulous poster wrote. "Call a snake catcher."

"A normal day in Australia," another commenter posted. "Every backyard has thousands of Redbacks under furniture and I have seen many a small Eastern Brown snake wrapped around my cat's face when it comes to the back door."

Marwick reportedly tried to help rescue the snake with a coffee jar, but the animal was killed after she accidentally dropped the jar on its head, according to MSN.

"I failed, epically," she said.

The woman is heard telling her children in the video that if the snake had been bitten by the spider, which is also venomous, then "he's screwed anyway, might as well be dinner."

Since the video went viral, Marwick has received numerous calls from reporters as far away as the United States, according to MSN.

"It's a bit crazy, it's just a little snake video," she said. "Everyone's worst fears rolled into one, I guess." 

Sources: MSN, Jamii-Leigh Marwick/Facebook / Photo credit: Jamii-Leigh Marwick/Facebook

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