Skier Survives 1,600-Foot Fall (Video)


A skier somehow survived a 1,600-foot fall down a mountain in Alaska.

In a video of the incident (below), pro skier Ian McIntosh can be seen falling into a five-foot-deep trench on one of his first turns on the mountain. He is heard yelling “oh no” when he realizes his mistake.

As he tumbles down the mountain, the camera continues rolling. 

“From there, my slough took over and there was no way to stop, I pulled my airbag to help prevent against any possible trauma injuries as I tumbled to the bottom,” he later said. 

McIntosh finally comes to a stop, then yells to reassure those around him that he’s safe.

I’m okay, I’m okay,” he says.

Watch the shocking fall below.

Sources: RTYouTube / Photo credit: RT

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