Parents Surprise Daughters With 'Christmas Gift' Of Adopted Baby Brother (Video)


A video (below) of little girls reacting to meeting their new little brother has gone viral.

Courtney Solstad, a 36-year-old Texas mom, decided to surprise her daughters and make their Christmas wishes come true by adopting a son. In order to ensure that the girls would remember meeting their brother forever, Courtney and her husband, Steve Solstad, recorded the moment.

In the video, all three sisters cover their mouths in surprise when they walk into the living room and see their baby brother under the tree.

“The girls knew nothing about Nathan until this,” Courtney wrote on Facebook along with the video on Dec. 5. “We met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share…and it was under the tree!”

The girls inch closer in the video to inspect their new brother in excitement.

“I’m going to wet my pants,” one sister says.

The girls go on to exclaim how sweet Nathan looks and ask to touch him. One sister asks if the baby is a boy, then runs off to wash her hands so she can cuddle him.

Courtney later shared an image of her new son under the Christmas tree. He was shown wrapped in a blanket and sleeping next to an Elf on the Shelf toy. 

Sources: PeopleToday / Photo Credit: People

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