Sister: Prince Did Not Leave A Will


Tyka Nelson, the 55-year-old sister of Prince, said in court probate documents on April 26 that her famous brother did not leave a will.

"I do not know of the existence of a will," Nelson stated in the documents that were filed in the Carver County District Court in Minnesota, notes The New York Times.

Prince, who was twice divorced, did not have any children.

In her court filing, Nelson said that she wanted a court-appointed special administrator for Prince's estate "because no personal representative has been appointed in Minnesota or elsewhere."

Nelson added that Prince had five half-siblings as heirs who will be considered the same as full siblings, under Minnesota law.

Prince took care of many of his business deals himself, but apparently made no provision for his own death, which came as a shock to the world when he passed away on April 21 at age 57.

Prince’s net worth could be larger than estimated because he regained his song publishing catalog, including his song copyrights, two years ago.

His home/studio Paisley Park was reportedly valued at $7 million, and he owned property in the Minneapolis area. There have been past reports that he also owned a home in Los Angeles.

Less than a week after the singer/songwriter's passing, fans had bought at least 650,000 Prince albums and 2.8 million songs via digital download.

There is also the matter of his famous unreleased recordings that reportedly sit in a vault at Paisley Park.

While Prince's death continues to generate news worldwide, his former girlfriend and protege, Denise Matthews, also known as Vanity, died on February 15 at the same age as Prince, noted The Hollywood Reporter.

Matthews' biggest hit with her group, Vanity 6, was "Nasty Girl," written by Prince, in 1982.

However, Matthews turned her back on her music career in 1994 after almost dying from crack cocaine. Matthews said at the time that Jesus appeared to her and told her to give up her career as Vanity, which she did.

Matthews became a Christian evangelist in 1997 after a kidney transplant; however, she still suffered from kidney problems due to her years of drug abuse.

She died from kidney failure at a hospital in Fremont, California.

"She [absolutely] loved God unto salvation," MC Hammer tweeted at the time. "She fell ill during the night [and] ended up on life support."

Sources: The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter / Photo credit: El Pantera/Wikimedia

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