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News Anchor Shares Heartwarming Story That Goes Viral

A television anchor from northern California shared a heartwarming story that went viral shortly after.

Frank Somerville, evening anchor for KTVU, had requested people share with him inspirational stories. During one particular broadcast, he shared the story of 29-year-old Tawny Nelson. Nelson's story has spread beyond expectation and has warmed the hearts of thousands since Somerville's mention, Liftable reported.

Nelson is a single mother of four girls, aged 9 years, 5 years, 2 years, and 6 weeks old. When her ex left her, she was forced to raise her very young daughters alone.

One rainy night, Nelson was reportedly desperate enough to feed the girls that she loaded them all up in her beat-up truck, which she never drove unless it was absolutely necessary, and took them to the local grocery store.

When they tried to head home after procuring food, the truck wouldn't start, which brought Nelson to a panic. The last thing she needed was a dead automobile on a night when it was pouring rain.

“One of my girls accidentally left a light on. My battery was dead. My phone was also disconnected. I have no family to speak of and was on my own,” Nelson wrote in her email.

Everyone seemed to be ignoring her as she walked around in the pouring rain asking people for help.

The hardest part, she said, was trying to remain calm in front of her four girls. The eldest tried to keep calm and help, but Nelson finally caved to her emotions.

And then there was a knock on the car window.

An older man was standing there with a plate of hot food and cool water bottles for the stranded family.

"Feed those babies and yourself, young lady. I have a tow truck on the way and my wife will be here shortly to take y’all home," he said.

Shortly after, his wife and the tow truck appeared, just as the man had promised, and helped them return home. The once-distressed family was able to sleep in the comfort of their warm home with their stomachs full.

The following morning, the kindhearted gentleman appeared with a mechanic and the family's truck. A repaired alternator belt, a new window and a replaced car battery later, the truck was in better condition than it had been in quite some time.

Nelson said she was grateful, and offered to pay the mechanic in installments. But he smiled and explained that the helpful gentleman had paid for the work already.

Somerville was struck so strongly by the story that he shared it on his Facebook page, which has over 500,000 followers.

"This is Tawny Nelson with three of her four kids. She just told me about what happened to her in Florida. And how a 74 year old man knocking on the window of her truck has helped restore her faith in people," Somerville began his post.

The post has received over 42,000 reactions, more than 16,000 shares and over 2,600 comments.

Even Nelson wrote on it.

"Thank you so much for sharing my story Frank. I hope it helps someone else who's struggling see angels will come when we least expect them," Nelson said.  

Sources: Liftable, Frank Somerville KTVU​/Facebook / Photo credit: Tawny Nelson/Facebook

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