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Singer Rita Ora Turns Heads With Lockdown Bikini Photos


Despite the 65 degree weather, Rita Ora flaunted her bikini bod in a racy animal-print bikini as she makes the most out of the coronavirus lockdown.

She enjoyed a watermelon popsicle, posing coyly as she licked the frozen goody. Fans were more than happy to see the photo with the post getting over 750,000 likes, including Bella Thorne, who was more than happy to click the like button.


In the pic, Ora is posing in the bright backyard, the sun lighting up. She showed off her beautiful abs and cleavage, showcasing a summer body to die for. She had a pair of sunglasses perched on her head, a great summer look.

In April, Ora and her friends made headlines after they infuriated locals in the countryside. A farmer “shouted” at the group after the group trespassed into private land.


Ora is currently social distancing in an old-fashioned farmhouse located in the upscale Cotsworlds region.

"I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by the English countryside. I don’t usually have the chance to spend too long in one place at one time, so I’m really soaking it in," she told Vogue magazine.


She also added that she’s been making time for the studio.

"The studio is my safe haven. I’m very lucky to have space to create and make music in isolation," she said.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Instagram/Rita Ora

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