Sign On McDonald's Cash Register Goes Viral


A young woman with difficulty hearing quit her cashier job at a McDonald’s in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, after a sign poking fun of her disability was placed on her cash register.

Employees and patrons disagree on what the note said, but a photo of the sign shared on Facebook appears to say, “Speak up, hard of hearing.” However, according to KGWN, there was apparently another sign on a different cash register that read, “Speak softly, I can hear you.”

Customer Aysha Long posted a photo of the sign on Facebook, where it was shared nearly 780 times (as of Dec. 12). “This really struck a nerve with me,” Long wrote.

“Not only is it sad but also embarrassing for this young lady, who suffers hearing loss with one hearing device already," she said. "She is [losing] her hearing in her other ear too she was forced to tell her employer that she was unable to hear well enough to take orders due to her disability! Instead of finding her another task to do they poked fun at her whispering.”

The 26-year-old worker was reportedly so humiliated, she quit. The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, told KGWN that she hopes others will be more sensitive in the future.

Sources: KGWN, Aysha Long/Facebook / Photo credit: Aysha Long/Facebook

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