'Now Under American Management': Store Sign Error Sparks Controversy (Video)


A sign in a small Massachusetts town is stirring up controversy -- and confusion -- amongst the town residents.

In Monson, Massachusetts, a new Big Guys Liquors store has opened up on Palmer Road and outside sits a sign that reads, “Now Under American Management.”

Jesse Multeni, who claimed he was the owner of the store, told WWLP News that the sign was a mistake and that the business will be changing it to “Now Under New Management" (video below).

Regardless, the sign has already caused up a bit of controversy amongst the town’s residents.

“It struck me as odd,” Rui Fernandes, who noticed the sign while driving through the town, told WWLP. “It struck me as somebody’s making a statement that may alienate a lot of people. And it’s not necessarily one that I think is appropriate.”

Others appreciated the sign and believe that it presents a good message.

“I think it’s a good idea because then people really like to buy things from America and know that it’s American made and stuff like that,” said Lise Burbee.

Nearby in Palmer, there is a similar sign that sits outside of Palmer Package Store that reads “American Owned.”

“Just something that we feel very proud to be American owned," Paul Martin, the store owner, said. "I feel like places are far and few between."

WWLP Reporters investigated whether the former managers of the stores were not American, which may explain why the signs are there.

They discovered that the former name of the package store was “DeMaio Discount Package Store.” Town records read that the owner of Big Guys Liquors is the same owner of DeMaio’s and that he is registered as a U.S. citizen. DeMaio is also reportedly the registered manager at both stores.

So as it turns out then, there is no new owner or manager of Big Guys Liquors and he has always been an American.

Source: WWLP, YouTube

Photo Credit: WWLP


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