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'Should've Ordered A Salad': McDonald's Customer Shamed By Employee (Photos)

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A McDonald’s restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is facing criticism after a woman reportedly received a note written on her cheeseburger that fat-shamed her.

A Facebook post — written by the woman’s friend — showed the note on the cheeseburger written in black marker, which read, “Should of ordered a salad fat ass.”

According to the friend’s post, the employees laughed at the woman through the drive-thru window. 

The friend’s post quickly went viral, garnering nearly 4,000 shares on Facebook in less than 24 hours.

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Some outraged supporters contacted the McDonald’s after seeing the post, with one saying that she even spoke to and emailed the manager about the incident. The manager allegedly checked with the employee in question to test the authenticity of the note. 

“Thank you for sending me that pic,” the manager said in response. “I check [sic] the hand writing and it doesn’t match anything she has written in the past, and I don’t know how they got her last name, when someone calls we give out our first names but never our last names. I will keep investigating.”

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Do you think the note is legitimate, or was it fabricated just for social media?

Sources: Inquisitr, Facebook / Photo credit: Inquisitr


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