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Milwaukee Confrontation Turns Violent In Disturbing Video (Video)

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A disturbing video (below) appears to show a woman being beaten outside a gas station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

In the video, the woman is seen being punched and stomped on outside a gas station, while others stand around or video the scene. The incident reportedly happened on Aug. 18 in the north side of Milwaukee.

“It’s a teachable moment. A time to show what not to do,” community activist Tory Lowe told Fox 6 Now. “What we could learn from it is what not to do. How not to address issues, how to see what it shouldn’t look like.”

Though Lowe said the beating was disturbing, she noted that it represents the reality of life in the area and was necessary viewing. 

“We have to see these things. It’s the real, ugly truth and if we don’t try to resolve these things before they get to this point, then we all have failed our community,” she said. 

WARNING: Video shows violence.

Sources: Fox 6 Now, LiveLeak

Photo credit: Screenshot via Fox 6 Now


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