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Shocking Video Highlights Dangers Of Social Media For Children (Video)

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A video (below) from a popular YouTube personality highlighted the dangers of social media for children.

In the video, host Coby Persin explains that he created a fake profile on Facebook posing as a teenage boy. With permission from their parents, he messages three girls and strikes up conversations with each of them. 

The girls talk to Persin for days before deciding to meet up in person. The first girl, 13-year-old Mikayla, agrees to meet at a park near her home. Mikayla arrives at the park and meets up with Persin, confused by his older appearance. Before the conversation can continue, the girl’s father emerges and angrily confronts her.

“Do you realize how scary this could’ve been?” her father asks.

The clip continues with two other girls, both of whom similarly plan to meet up with Persin. The last teen, Jenna, agrees to meet with Persin after he tells her his older brother would be taking him to her house. He arrives in a van and she approaches, then gets in to meet her online friend. 

Persin then grabs the girl’s arm while her parents, hidden in the back of the van wearing masks, grab her shoulders. She screams, struggling to break free and escape, before her parents reveal themselves.

“How could you dare go into a stranger’s car?” Her father asks. 

“What would’ve happened if you came out and it wasn’t us sitting back here, and there were really crazy people back here?” her mother added. “All of these things are real life situations that have happened.”

Watch the shocking video below.

Sources: Go Viral Post, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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