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Cops Surprise Drivers With Ice Cream (Video)

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Police officers in Virginia are pulling over drivers and surprising them with a cold, sweet treat (video below).

Halifax Police Chief Kevin Lands and officer Brian Warner cited vehicle code -- also known as “driving on a hot day without ice cream” -- when they stopped a driver who ended up with a pleasant surprise, according to WTVR.

Lands and Warner recorded themselves issuing ice cream to a driver who “broke the law” and then posted it on Facebook.

The stopped woman seemed nervous at first, but then burst into laughter, along with her passenger, once they received ice cream cones instead of a ticket.

In the video, Warner approaches the woman’s car and says, “Good afternoon ma’am. My name is Officer Warner and I am with the Halifax Police Department. Do you know the reason why I pulled you over today?”

The female driver responds with confusion after the officer mentions vehicle code

“Well, it’s actually against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone. So on behalf of the Halifax Police Department, we’re just making sure everybody is following all the laws today and are driving with ice cream,” says Warner.

The couple in the car erupt in laughter and the passenger says, “Ya’ll have a wonderful, blessed day.”

The video has since gone viral and has been viewed over four million times within the past few days, reports WLS.

Warner told WSET they handed out ice cream to more than 20 people they pulled over that day. The officers say the reaction of the woman in the clip was by far the sweetest.

"Her reaction was absolutely the best," said Warner. "It was genuine, and she had us smiling and laughing for a good hour afterwards, and I've probably watched the video myself 50 times just laughing. And that's one of the great things with police work, you get to meet people like that on a daily basis, and it makes the job worth it."

The Halifax Police Department consists of only five officers, but every patrol vehicle has a cooler full of frozen treats. Warner says the department does things like the ice-cream stop quite a bit, but this is the first time they recorded the fun on video.

When asked why they did it, Lands explains that he and Warner just “wanted to try and put some smiles on people’s faces.”

Sources: WTVR, WLS, WSET, ABC News/YouTube / Photo credit: WTVR

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