Woman Forces Dog To Wear Urine-Soaked Pad (Photo/Video)

A photo uploaded to Facebook of a dog being shamed is outraging animal lovers throughout social media (video below).

“Successful dog shaming by way of The Wearing of the Peepee Hat,” the unidentified woman who posted the photo wrote on Facebook, according to Q13. The woman reportedly lives in Arlington, Washington.

According to the Facebook post, the dog, Ludo, went to the bathroom in the house and his owner decided to shame him by putting the “peepee pad” on his head.

“I sopped it up, with a peepee pad, before scrubbing it with oxyclean and vinegar,” the post reads. “He is now wearing his creation.”

The Everett Animal Shelter in Washington said the case is under investigation after the photo was reported as a possible instance of animal abuse.

Q13 Fox said they have not received a response from the original poster of the photo after reaching out for comment.

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"I'm almost to the point where I would think she doesn't deserve a dog," Linda Perri, from an organization called Unchain, which works to enact tougher laws to protect dogs, said, "but maybe she's that ignorant that she doesn't know how to train a dog so maybe she needs to be educated and maybe she needs to be fined."

Sources: Q13 FoxQ13 via YouTube / Photo Credit: Q13 via YouTube

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