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Mother Feeding Baby With Syringe Goes Viral (Photos)

A photo of a mother feeding her newborn baby by syringe has taken the internet by storm.

After Carriage House Birth uploaded an Instagram picture of doula Rebecca McKeever feeding her baby Andromeda in the unusual manner, hundreds liked the post, The Huffington Post reports.

McKeever reportedly used the syringe after being unable to breastfeed her 17-hour-old baby.

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“A lactation consultant came to our hospital room to ask if we needed help,” McKeever explained. “She saw that I was expressing colostrum but that Andromeda wasn’t latching, so she brought in little cups and syringes so we could get some food in her. I expressed some colostrum into a cup, then put it into the syringe and fed her little drops at a time.”

Instead of feeling repulsed, the baby seemed to love feeding from the syringe.

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“She smiled and melted with each drop,” McKeever said. “Then, a few minutes after getting that nourishment, she woke up a bit more and actually tried the breast! We had to do a mix of syringe feeding and breastfeeding for the first week.”

Although it was an unusual way to feed her baby for the first time, McKeever said it was still a happy moment.

“In that moment, I felt so empowered and happy to be able to feed my baby,” McKeever said. “Even if it wasn’t in the ‘traditional’ way, it didn’t matter to me! I knew it might take some time.”

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McKeever said she hopes the photo will inspire other parents.

"[I encourage other moms to] recognize that things might not always go as planned in a perfect picture, to be encouraged to go with the flow and let go of expectations, to meet their baby where they are at with no judgement but just with compassion and love," she said.

Many on social media were indeed inspired by the picture.

"This is beautiful, my baby will be born with cleft lip and i will be doing the same," one user wrote on Instagram.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Carriage House Birth/Instagram / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Carriage House Birth/Instagram, Doula NYC

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