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Mom Receives Backlash After Posting Picture Of Little Girl Giving The Finger (Photo)

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A photo of a little girl holding up the middle finger quickly went viral after sparking controversy throughout social media.

The photo, posted to Reddit alongside the caption “like mother, like daughter,” showed the toddler sitting on the edge of a bed with her middle finger in the air and a smile on her face.

People on social media immediately objected to the gesture.

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“This isn’t cute,” one viewer commented on Facebook. “The child is but the gesture isn’t. I’m guessing she’s no older than 3. She be [sic] cussing by three. I’m sure she probably learned it from you.”

The girl’s mother replied to the commenter’s objection, defending her choice to post the photo and saying that she learned the gesture from seeing people doing it.

“What happened to people wanting their kids to grow up to have a better life than they had? I seriously don't get this,” Redditor Throwme1974 said.

“Bless that little girl's heart. I hope like hell someone intervenes in her raising and guides her on a different path,” Tysinna added.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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