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Shocking Video Shows The Moment Woman Jumps Out Of A Window After Boss Scolds Her (Video)

In a new viral video (below), a woman appears to jump out of a window after being criticized by her boss.

The scenes were uploaded to Reddit and feature a blond woman sitting at her desk. The woman’s boss moves in front of her desk, then drops some papers on it.

After the man seems to scold her, the woman sits still for a moment. She then gets up from her chair and slowly heads toward the window.

The office’s video cameras capture the entire scene.

The woman’s co-workers are oblivious to her walk until she approaches the window and opens it. The woman then pulls herself onto the windowsill and disappears from view. It looks as though she has jumped out of the window.

The woman’s co-workers run to the window. At that point, the video ends.

It’s unclear what happened to the woman in the video. The authenticity of the video has yet to be verified. It’s also unclear when and where the incident took place.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2011, but it became viral again when it was uploaded to Reddit.

Sources: Smile Sumo, Mirror / Photo credit: YouTube 

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