ASOS Criticized For 'Slave' T-Shirt On African-American Model (Photos)


Fashion retailer ASOS landed in hot water for selling a t-shirt with the word "slave" on it. To make matters worse, the model who donned the shirt for ASOS's website was African-American.

The company garnered backlash for the shirt, and it was soon removed from their website. They later pointed out that the shirt was not an ASOS brand product -- it was part of their marketplace that features outside designers.

"Marketplace is a collection of independent sellers who must agree to our terms and conditions when they join," ASOS told Today in a statement.

"Whenever we find product that violates our policies we remove it immediately," the company added. "There is also a 'report this item' link under every product picture. If you'd like to find out more about what is prohibited, please visit the Marketplace website."

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The designer who made the shirt, Wasted Heroes, responded to critics on social media. 

"Sorry, this wasn't meant to cause any [offense] and was about being a slave to a label," they wrote on Twitter on Feb. 3. "It really was extremely stupid of us."

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Despite the apology, 10 versions of the shirt were still available on the Wasted Heroes site following the controversy.

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Sources: BuzzFeed, Today / Photo credit: ASOS, Twitter via BuzzFeed

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