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Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Ozzy Split (Video)

After a one-day absence from her show "The Talk," Sharon Osbourne reappeared to address her recent split with husband of 33 years, Ozzy Osbourne, and set the record straight about rumors that Ozzy cheated (video below).

During the May 10 episode of the daytime talk show, which Sharon hosts on CBS, the Black Sabbath manager and mother of three walked on to the set holding her co-hosts' hands, as the largely female audience cheered her name. While Sharon did not confirm whether or not her husband was having an affair, she responded to rumors that she had kicked Ozzy out of the couple's house. "No. It's true," she said, Jezebel reports. Since the show, however, he's moved back in and she has moved out.

"It’s right for me because I honestly at this point, today, have no idea what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life. I don’t know where I’m going, who I’m going with, and I just need time to think," Sharon, 63, told her co-host Aisha Tyler. "And really think about myself, about what do I really want for the rest of my life?"

"Because this is [...] getting to the last chapter of this book," she added. "And I really want to think about it very carefully, about where I want to go... And at this point, honestly Aisha, I have no idea."

According to a rumor reported by Us Weekly, Ozzy may have been cheating on Sharon with celebrity hairdresser Michelle Pugh, who styled his hair.

According to Perez Hilton, Sharon drank a glass of lemonade during the episode, evoking Beyonce's recent Lemonade, a visual album which addresses rumors that Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, cheated on her. Shortly before Sharon's appearance on the show, her daughter, Kelly, posted a picture of herself holding a lemon on Instagram with the caption, "Guess who's turning lemons into #lemonade?"

"Because I’m 63 years of age, and I can’t keep living like this," Sharon answered, when asked what had made this incident, whatever it may have been, different from other ups and downs the couple has had.

Source: Perez Hilton, Jezebel, Us Weekly, "The Talk" via Youtube / Photo credit: Greg Hernandez/Wikimedia Commons

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