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Shaq Takes A Fall On TNT Halftime Show (Video)

Former NBA great and current TNT sports personality Shaquille O’Neal  took a tumble tonight. 

O’Neal was trying to race co-host Kenny Smith to the big screen during the halftime show of the Clippers-Rockets game when he took a fall, reports (video below).

O'Neal appeared to get tripped up in some cords, however, noted that he has a history (video below) of "engaging in slapstick humor on 'Inside the NBA,' so we can’t be sure that this isn’t a gag."

Sporting News added, "TNT says it wasn't a setup, but it isn't fooling anyone. It was a setup. It was also hilarious."

For his part, O'Neal tweeted, "I almost broke my dam leg lol #downgoesshaq #shaqtinafall."

Sources:,, Sporting News, Twitter
Image Credit: TNT Screenshot


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