Several Spectators Hit By Drivers In Baja 500 Race (Video)

The Baja 500 is a wild annual off-road truck race held in Ensenada, Mexico.

The 47th running of the race, June 4-7, lived up to its reputation after winner Apdaly Lopez knocked a white civilian truck off the race course (video below).

SCORE International, which sanctions the Baja 500, did not hit Lopez with a disqualification or any penalties over the incident, noted Jalopnik.com

The racing body believes the driver of the white truck intentionally interfered with the race.

A similar incident happened when driver Robby Gordon hit a man who ran across the off-road race track.

According to Motor Trend, Gordon "was battling for the lead with Apdaly Lopez" when the spectator ran into the race area.

Fox News reports there was no official injury report, but the video (below) shows the man getting clipped hard by Gordon's truck.

The San Diego Reader notes that four children and four other spectators were injured when an unidentified driver's brakes failed and he smashed into a utility pole.

A member of driver's team claimed that he intentionally drove off the race course and hit the pole to avoid hitting hundreds of onlookers.

Sources: Jalopnik.com, Motor Trend, Fox News, San Diego Reader
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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