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Serving Tennis Balls And Justice: Serena Williams Chases Down Would-Be Phone Thief

A pickpocket chose the wrong target when he allegedly tried to steal a phone belonging to Serena Williams, the No. 1 female tennis player in the world and Olympic athlete.

Williams, who posted about the incident on Facebook with a photo of herself dressed as Supergirl, was apparently out eating Chinese food on Nov. 3 when she noticed a man standing by her table. He then apparently snagged her phone and took off.

"I looked at the chair, than shouted 'Omg that dude took my phone!!' Not thinking I reacted (hence the superwoman photo),” she wrote. “I jumped up, weaved my way in and out of the cozy restaurant (leaping over a chair or two) and chased him down. He began to run but I was too fast. (Those sprints came in handy) I was upon him in a flash!

"In the most menacing yet calm no nonsense voice I could muster I kindly asked him if he 'accidentally' took the wrong phone. He stumbled on his words probably not expecting this to happen. While he was thinking of the right thing to say and eventually he said 'Gosh you know what I did! It was so confusing in there. I must have grabbed the wrong phone.’"

Williams, unsurprisingly, got her phone back, but not before thanking him. When she returned to the restaurant, she received a standing ovation.

“Always listen to your superhero inner voice. Always keep your things close! Fight for what's right. Stand for what you believe in! Be a superhero!,” Williams wrote.

“I just showed every man in there I can stand up to bully's and other men. It was a win for the ladies!” 

Williams’ fellow diners weren’t the only ones enthralled with her bravery. “Not surprised, queeeeen,” supermodel Gigi Hadid tweeted when Williams posted a link to her story on Twitter.

Sources: Serena Williams/Twitter, Serena Williams/Facebook / Photo credit: Serena Williams/Facebook


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