Self-Parking Car Test Goes Awry (Video)


A self-parking car test went horribly wrong when it drove into a man standing in front of it.

Video of the incident (below) showed a group of people standing outside of a building to test out a self-parking vehicle. The car began to back up slowly before stopping and preparing to move forward. Suddenly, it began to pull straight ahead and began driving at a higher speed than was likely anticipated.

Before bystanders could get out of the way, the car plowed into a man wearing a purple shirt and knocked him to the ground.

The video was posted to Reddit, with the uploader stating that nobody was injured in the accident. Many Redditors criticized the test and also the man who decided to stand in the car's path.

“The thing is both the people testing the car, and the person posting this video have stupidity levels beyond the charts,” Redditor Rickscarf posted, quoting a YouTube comment. “1) They were testing pedestrian detection automated braking (City Safety)... Not automatic parking... hence driving at people and not being near a parking spot 2) That car did not have technology package in it which enables pedestrian detection, you can see its missing the radar which should be visible in the grill of the car but its not there, so no there is no pedestrian detention. Only vehicle detection comes standard in Volvos, you need a technology package to enable the pedestrian detection which was missing from that particular vehicle.”

Others were more direct in their criticism.

“Why did that guy just stand there as the car zoomed towards him?” Revman asked.

“No one was injured my ass!” Zach_elmquist added.

Watch the accident unfold below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

Image Source: Screen Capture via YouTube


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