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See The Sign One Iraq Veteran Used To Protect His Shoveled Parking Space (Photo)

Shoveling is not fun work, especially when you have to dig out your own parking space. One Iraq veteran made sure no one would use his newly shoveled parking spot with a sign that has recently gone viral.

“The person who spent four hours digging out this parking spot is an Iraq veteran,” the sign reads. “Do I have PTSD? Steal the space and find out!”

After discovering the sign, Public Radio International editor David Beard tweeted a picture of the sign in Boston.

“A Boston parking space-saver I respect,” Beard wrote.

The sign is one of the tamer methods used in snow-laden Boston. Recently, one Craigslist user in Jamaica Plains replaced the snow he had shoveled after someone took his parking spot. He later uploaded a picture of his hijinks to Craigslist. 

Sources: The Blaze, The Federalist Papers / Photo Credit: The Blaze


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