See 'Crazy' Porsche Driver Wipe Out Twice In Less Than One Minute (Video)

A newly released video, making the rounds on social media, shows the driver of a Porsche Cayman speeding off from a green light and wiping out, not once, but twice, in the span of 43 seconds. 

The video (shown below), originally posted to YouTube with the title “Crazy PEI Driver,” shows the Porsche taking off from a patch of wet pavement. As the tires hit dry pavement, the car’s rear end can be seen swinging out, at which point it appears the driver overcorrects before hopping the road’s median. 

After slowing down and getting back on the correct side of the road, the driver can be seen gunning the engine again, before spinning out and losing either a tire or an entire wheel. 

The car is last seen limping to the left side of the road and coming to rest. 

“Just cause you have a nice car doesn't make you a good driver,” wrote the user who posted the video. “Don't let your son drive your Porsche!”

It is unclear who, exactly, shot and posted the video. It appears to have been recorded from a dash-mounted camera. A time stamp, visible at the top of the video’s frame, suggests it was recorded Monday. 

LiveLeak also carried the video and indicates it was shot in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Comments from the YouTube thread appear to corroborate the location, with local users saying they also saw the car driving around the Canadian town. 

“That same car blew by me on the Upton Rd at around 8:30,” wrote one. 

“Can you send this to the Charlottetown police. This guy did the same thing at the Charlottetown mall,”  another user posted, according to Lightly Buzzed. 

“That’s what you get when your a bad driver!” wrote another, who claimed to have seen the car “flying around a few times the last couple of days.”

Sources: YouTubeLiveLeakLightly Buzzed / Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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