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See The Color-Changing Cake That Rivals The Blue-Gold Dress (Video)

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Just like the infamous blue and black dress that nearly broke the Internet, a new multicolored cake is fascinating Internet users (video below). 

In a video uploaded by YouTuber CharlotteSometimes, the cake spins with a flick of the wrist and transforms from orange to yellow to blue. The cake from Karsch’s Village Market in Barnhart, Missouri, changes colors in seconds.

While the infamous dress was proven by ocular science as changing color through each individual’s brain function, the cake in the video is simply airbrushed.

The special cake has been decorated with waved ridges that create small peaks of color on multiple sides, according to Delish. When you see the cake from the right, you see warm colors. When looking at the cake from the left, you see cool colors.

By Dec. 31, the video had been viewed more than 200,000 times. 

Sources: Gizmodo Australia, Delish / Photo credit: YouTube

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