Police Officers Leave Surprising Note For Residents


After the July 7 sniper shootings of law enforcement officers during a protest in Dallas, many citizens have been showing their support for police by putting blue bulbs in their front porch lights.

One couple in Westfield, Indiana, who did that were surprised one morning when they found the Westfield Police Department had left a note of thanks on their front door, reports WXIN.

Signed “WPD Night Shift,” the handwritten letter simply noted that the officers appreciated the gesture.

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The idea of using a blue light to express solidarity with police dates back to 1989, according to the organization Concerns of Police Survivors.

That year, Dolly Craig put two blue candles in her living room window in honor of her son-in-law police officer who had been killed in the line of duty.

Later, COPS adopted the idea and came up with a name for it:  Project Blue Light.  

As the organization explains: “The concept is simple. Place a single blue light in your window in memory of fallen officers. At this time of year, ornamental light fixtures, such as candlestick replicas, are easy to come by and serve this purpose well.”

In 2015, Virginia resident Daniel Jessup expanded the idea to social media by creating a Facebook event called “Blue Light Week,” reports the website Sun Gazing.

The event, which calls for people to switch out their front porch light with a blue light bulb during the first week of every year, drew 100,000 participants when first launched.

“The main purpose of the event was to show support for local and national law enforcement officers throughout the country,” Sun Gazing reports. “The blue lights conveyed a message of respect and solidarity with officers and their families, as well as helped to raise awareness and get people to stop and think about what it all means.”

Sources: WXIN, Concerns of Police Survivors, Sun Gazing / Photo credit: Independent Journal Review

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