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Hilarious Tweets Reveal One Mom's Overreaction

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One mother got a shock when she discovered what she thought were drugs in her teen daughter's bedroom.  The "drugs" turned out to be something else entirely. 

Ashley Banks posted a series of tweets between herself and her mother, which have since gone viral, reports the Mirror.  In the first tweet, Ashley asks her mother to find a calculator in her room. 

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"Can you put the black calculator in the mailbox please," she writes.  

After asking Ashley if it's in her room, her mother then texts her daughter a picture of an assortment of colorful pills in a plastic bag.  

"Ashley Carol I will not have drugs in my house," the subsequent text reads.  "Come home right now.  As soon as your dad comes home from California we will discuss your consequences.  As for now your grounded and you will not be leaving the house, come home this instant."  

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But Ashley responds to her mother's text by laughing -- using emojis --  and telling her mom that "they aren't drugs."  She then says to "go put them in water." 

"Why?" her mother asks.  

"Just do it lol," Ashley replies.  

Ashley's mother does as she is told, and the following text reveals the true nature of the multicolored pills, reports the Mirror.  

It turns out, the "drugs" in question are actually Grow Your Own Dinosaurs.  

According to the toy's Amazon page, Grow Your Own Dinosaurs is meant to be an educational toy for children ages 5  and up.  When you place the "pills" in water, they grow into miniature dinosaurs.  

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"Nevermind. You don't have to come home,"  Ashley's mother writes.  

After Ashley has a laughing fit, her mother asks why she would buy toys like that.  "I thought you were 16 not 7?" she writes. 

"Idk they looked cool," was the response. 

Sources: Mirror, Amazon / Photo credit: Mirror

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