SeaWorld To End Controversial Orca Whale Program


Sea World Ends Orca BreedingPosted by Opposing Views on Saturday, March 19, 2016

After years of pressure from scientists and activists, Sea World has decided to end it's Orca breeding program. Are you glad to see the company finally taking action?

In 2006, trainer Ken Peters was attacked by a SeaWorld orca. Luckily, Peters survived. But SeaWorld made no changes to its orca program. Trainer Dawn Brancheau was then attacked and killed in 2010. Now, 6 years later, SeaWorld is finally ending its orca program for good. The reason? Probably money. Recent controversies caused an 84% decrease in SeaWorld's profits. With not enough space and poor diets, these animals have been stressed and aggressive. 12 other marine parks still breed and capture orca whales. Share this video to spread awareness of orca captivity. They need our help.

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