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Seattle TV News Crew Runs For Cover After Gunfire (Video)

Kara Kostanich, a journalist for KOMO News in Seattle, Washington, was preparing to do a report from nearby Mount Vernon, Washington, on July 25 when shots rang out (video below).

In the video, Kostanich and her cameraman are standing near a road about to report on a drive-by shooting in the neighborhood, when two cars speed by and gunfire is heard.

"So the shots were fired and of course my immediate reaction was just to get down," Kostanich recalled. "And so within a few seconds of that, I ran around the front of the Explorer, got in the passenger seat and kinda just ducked right under the dashboard."

The cameraman ran to a nearby house where he was later joined by Kostanich. Neither were injured, both gave statements to law enforcement.

ABC 30 notes that the home Kostanish and her cameraman ran to had been shot at on July 24.

Another home in the area was found to have gunshot damage because of this incident.

Lt. Chris Cammock, of the Mount Vernon Police, told KOMO News:

"[The] most fortunate thing for us is some of the best evidence we got was from their camera that captured both vehicles driving into the camera and through it.

"...It appears just from the lack of other damage in the area and where the casings were going that the direction was upward, so there's a chance that the rounds that hit that house were misdirected and hit or skipped."

Sources: KOMO News, ABC 30 / Photo credit: Screenshot via KOMO News


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