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Sean Hannity Spends His Vacation Attacking The Media

Hannity Pushes DNC Murder Conspiracy, Fox News Retracts (Video) Promo Image

Fox News host Sean Hannity has been on vacation since June 30, but for his Twitter fans, he has still been on the job, attacking the media.

Crooks and Liars notes that Hannity issued some strong tweets against MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on June 30 during a controversy between the show's hosts -- Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski -- and President Donald Trump:

Joe and Mika call [Trump] a schmuck, thug, goon, liar, idiot, anti trump Music video, daily hysterical breakdowns, who's unhinged & not well? Poor little victims Joe & Mika? "Little Hands?" THIS IS NBC NEWS!

On July 1, Hannity unloaded again on Scarborough and Brzezinski: "I'm am very very close to going 'there' with Joe and Mika. Sick of their BS."

According to Crooks and Liars, "there" was a reference to a conspiracy theory regarding an intern who passed away in Scarborough's congressional office while he was a U.S. representative.

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Hannity wasn't finished on July 1, and started using capital letters in his tweets: "NEVER believe ANYTHING [Joe Scarborough], [Mika Brzezinski] or [NBC News] TELLS YOU. VERY FAKE NEWS."

Hannity struck again on July 2 when he praised a doctored video of Trump punching an unidentified person with a CNN logo for a head: "Hilarious tweet. The fact that the destroy Trump media is melting down just makes it better! #VeryFakeNews."

On July 3, Hannity went all caps when he retweeted an article about CNN opposing the Trump video: "CNN FAKE NEWS HAS LOST IT. NOW A JOKE."

Hannity took a break on July 4, but was back on Twitter July 5 slamming CNN head Jeff Zucker: "Where are Zuckers stenographers? Working overtime. Will AT&T fire Zucker?" and "Is [CNN] going to blackmail this person too?? #FireZucker."

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Hannity also retweeted another doctored video of Trump attacking CNN, which the original poster tagged with "#CNNisISIS": "More amazing videos. Fake News [CNN] [NBC News] can't handle it."

Later on July 5, Hannity tweeted: "I take it back. #KeepZucker. Why make life harder. God bless Zucker."

Hannity also lamented being away from work: "Back to vacation. I ALMOST wish I was working. Almost!!!"

When it looked like the storm had calmed, Bret Stephens wrote in The New York Times that Hannity did not deserve the William F. Buckley Jr. Award for Media Excellence from the conservative Media Research Center.

In response, Hannity tweeted down hellfire on Stephens and The New York Times:

Can ANYONE think of just ONE memorable thing [Bret Stephens] has written? WFB was on my show numerous times, would WFB trust the [New York Times]?

So [Bret Stephens] I'll say to you and the [New York Times] (Fake News) I do not care what u think. God bless America.

Sources: Crooks and Liars, The New York Times, Sean Hannity/Twitter (2) / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr (23)

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