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Scott Baio Asks Starbucks To Hire Unemployed Blacks

Starbucks announced on Jan. 30 that it was going to hire 10,000 refugees in reaction to President Donald Trump's 90-day ban against people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, and an indefinite ban against Syrian refugees.

Baio tweeted to Starbucks on Jan. 30: "Dear [Starbucks], why not hire unemployed Blacks, Hispanics, & Veterans? I'm genuinely interested in your reply," notes Grub Street.

In the same tweet, Baio also linked an article by white nationalist and alt-right hero Milo Yiannopoulos that was titled: "Intolerance: Starbucks To Hire 10,000 Refugees While Black Unemployment Is Nearly Double The National Average."

Starbucks tweeted back: "[Scott Baio] Thanks for your question! We’re proud to invest in and support minority communities like Ferguson, MO."

The coffee giant linked to its press release about opening a new store in Ferguson and its "ongoing commitment to open stores in at least 15 diverse, low- to medium-income communities by 2018."

Starbucks also tweeted: "[Scott Baio] And we won’t forget about our veterans—we’ve committed to hire 10,000 by 2018 & have already hired 8,800."

Starbucks linked to a page on its website about supporting veterans, which featured titles such as: "Starbucks Veterans & Military Spouses," "Paying Tribute and Creating Opportunity," "Military Training Contributes to Starbucks Barista’s Success," "A Starbucks Military Spouse’s Mission to Improve the Lives of Children," "Starbucks ‘Adopt a Unit’ Delivers Coffee to Soldiers Overseas" and "Starbucks Finds a Place for Elite Veteran’s Skills."

Baio quickly changed the topic to abortion in his response: "Fantastic! I understand you support & donate $2 Planned Parenthood, what PRO-LIFE org do you also support & give $2."

Eater notes that several Trump supporters called for another boycott against Starbucks on Twitter:

When [Starbucks] puts refugees before Americans safety. Time for me to #BoycottStarbucks. Sales will drop from me alone! Stick 2coffee please!

#BOYCOTT…STARBUCKS CEO Puts Leftist Agenda Over Company Profits…Plans To Hire 10,000 Refugees In...

If #WeThePeople Do Not #Boycott them, Then Who will? #SayGoodbye!

Conservatives have previously boycotted Starbucks over cup designs, Christmas and Trump.

Sources: Grub Street, Starbucks (2), Eater / Photo credit: Scott Baio/Twitter

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