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Scorned Woman Smashes 'Cheating' Husband's BMW (Video)

On Oct. 19, after a woman in Shenzen, southern China, reportedly saw her husband sitting in his BMW 740 with another woman, she took a hammer to the vehicle (video below).

The scorned woman, who was only identified by her surname, Wu, shouted, “The b***h who sat in this car is too filthy for words!”

When security guards at the parking lot tried to stop her, she showed them documents that proved the car was hers, Shanghaiist reported.

Wu caused serious damage to the expensive car by smashing the cars lights and its windshield and breaking the door handles.

The assault on the car lasted 20 minutes, but short clips of her rampage later appeared on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

Sources: Shanghaiist, Metro / Photo Credit: Shanghaiist


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