School's Message To Parents Goes Viral


A private Arkansas high school is making waves on social media after posting a message to parents on Facebook.

"Welcome to Catholic High," the Facebook post reads. "We teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and problem-solving."

It's the last category that matters. Underneath those words is a picture of a sign, outlining a particular policy the Catholic High School for Boys has enforced for years.

"If you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc., please TURN AROUND and exit the building," the sign says. "Your son will learn to problem-solve in your absence."

As of Aug. 17 the post had been shared over 140,000 times, according to WCBD.

"We put a sign up on the front door to not only alert new parents to the policy, but to remind people why we do it," Principal Steve Straessle told KARK.

He explained that the point is to prepare students for a time when they cannot simply call for help.

"It's simply to help boys avoid the default switch of calling mom and dad when things don't go right to bail them out," he said.

The policy led to debate among parents, who weighed in on Facebook.

"At the high school level, this is perfect," one user wrote, according to The Blaze. "Having had 2 boys go thru HS, I so wish that I had followed this adage and perhaps my sons would have learned more about being prepared, making lists, and just keeping their minds in the reality of daily tasks."

Others argued that it was wrong to allow students to go hungry.

"If a school is willing to let my child be hungry (hungry people don’t learn as effectively) for this particular teachable moment, they don’t deserve tuition funds," another commented.

As for current senior Patrick Wingfield, he said he agrees with the policy.

"It makes me think for myself and not rely on other people to do things for me," he told KARK. "And if I make a mistake, I need to learn from it and try to fix it."

Sources: WCBD, KARK, The Blaze / Photo credit: Catholic High School for Boys/Facebook via WCBD

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