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School Video Tells Girls How To Dress 'Prom 'Propriate' But Not Boys (Video)

Cleveland High School in Clayton, North Carolina, recently produced a video (below) that tells girls what types of dresses are "prom 'propriate" and which ones are not.

The video takes the form of a student-run game show and crosses Xs through dresses with slits up the legs, and bare midriffs, as well as short outfits and backless dresses. It does not, however, make any mention of boys' clothing.

“The prom’s such a special event for our children that we wouldn’t want it to be ruined by any confusion,” Tracey Peedin Jones, the school district’s public information officer, told

Jones said there were rules for boys, but their attire had not become problematic enough to warrant a visual presentation.

According to the Cleveland High School website there is also a slideshow about proper female attire for the prom, which is on April 29.

Sources:, Cleveland High School / Photo Credit: Cleveland High School via YouTube

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