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School Suspends Student For 'Slaves For Sale' Ad (Video)

Fleming Island High School administrators in Jacksonville, Florida, suspended a male student for posting a Craigslist ad that said: "Two Slaves For Sale -- $470" with a picture of two female students (video below).

The female students appear to be African-Americans.

Skye Fefee, one of the girls who was used in the picture/ad, told CNN that she saw the image after a friend sent it to her on Snapchat: "I feel disturbed by it. It shows me that there is still a lot of racism in this school."

"I think this went way too far, " Autumn Olsen, a friend of the female students, told WJAX. "This shouldn't have been a joke at all."

School officials began investigating the ad on April 26.

The rest of the ad said: "Two healthy ... slavegals for sale. Good condition and hard work ethic! If you need another pair of hands around the farm/house, you're in luck!"

Lexis Potter recalled seeing the ad and reposting it on Facebook: "I was searching through the farms and garden section of craigslist and stumbled upon this. It's a sick, disgusting 'joke' and a horrible reflection upon this school and students."

Potter's posting went viral with hundreds of shares before she decided to take it down.

The girls in the ad and their parents reportedly talked to school administrators.

The second girl, Thalia Solomon, said: "I'm just really aggravated and I'm surprised somebody would do that to me."

The male student who posted the ad, a senior, was to be suspended for up to ten days, and may be moved to another school or expelled.

The Clay County school district released a statement to WJAX:

Clay County District Schools was made aware of an inappropriate post on the internet last night. The Fleming Island High School administration immediately began to investigate this concern in order to identify the individual who posted this inappropriate picture. After launching an in-depth investigation, administrators have identified the student and will be taking actions as outlined in our Code of Student Conduct.

We do not tolerate this type of behavior and we are disheartened that any of our students would be subject to discrimination. Fleming Island High School administration and district leadership are working together to create a school-wide plan of action to strengthen the climate and culture while celebrating the school’s diversity. We encourage parents and guardians to take the time to talk to their child about this important matter. We appreciate support in this effort and we look forward to Elevating Clay.

Sources: WJAX, CNN / Photo credit: Calton/Wikimedia Commons

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