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School Dance Flyer Sparks Controversy (Photo)


A flyer for a high school dance in Fort Mill, South Carolina, sparked controversy among parents for its surprising message.

The flyer, created by staff at Nation Ford High School, stated that the dance is semi-formal and asked that students “leave something to the imagination," WBTV reports.

The flyer then quoted designer Edith Head, seemingly pointing out the dress code for girls in the school rather than all students. 

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady,” the quote read. 

Principal Jason Johns said he received calls from upset parents following distribution of the flyer.

“There was some perception that it was targeted specifically towards our females and maybe it was seen to hurt folks’ feelings, but that was not the intent at all,” Johns told WBTV News.

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Parent Sarah Heins told WCNC that she felt the message was distasteful.

“Inappropriate, sexual message -- on something distributed from the school. I was horrified. It targets the girls in the school nothing about boys,” Heins said.

“I thought, would something ever come home saying 'boys your pants should be tight enough to show you're a man?'" she added. "Everyone thought it was funny and an okay message to our girls."

The quote was subsequently removed from the flyer and taken down from the school’s website, but the damage had been done by the time the situation was rectified. 

“I understand the message they were trying to get across, but it would've been so easy to say something appropriate and I hope they do that next time,” Heins said. 

Sources: WCNC, WBTV / Photo credit:,


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