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Parents Told Their Daughter's Wonder Woman Lunchbox Is Too 'Violent' (Photos)

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A little girl’s Wonder Woman lunch box was banned from school for allegedly being too “violent.”

A letter sent by the school that the girl, named Laura, attends was posted online and quickly went viral, prompting many to weigh in on whether or not the school took things too far, People reported.

“The dress code we have established requests that the children not bring violent images into the building in any fashion – on their clothing (including shoes and socks), backpacks and lunch boxes,” the letter reads.

“We have defined 'violent characters' as those who solve problems using violence," the letter continues. "Superheroes certainly fall into that category." 

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The letter — addressed to Laura’s parents, Daniel and Sarah — went viral and even prompted Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter to share the story.

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Do you think the school was right to ban Laura’s lunch box?

Sources: The Mary Sue, People

Photo credit: Imgur via The Mary Sue, Amazon via People


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