School Bans Trump Masks From Talent Show (Video)


Three 11-year-old boys wanted to perform a dance while wearing giant Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump masks at the Joseph E. Fiske Elementary School's evening talent show in Wellesley, Massachusetts, April 13. However, the Bobblehead Boys got axed after the morning show (video below).

"The bobblehead is the act," Maryellen Maggiacomo, the mom of twin boys, Marc and David, who are part of trio, told The Boston Globe.

"They see Trump in the news," Maggiacomo added. "There was no political agenda on our boys' part."

"Have an opinion. Have a discussion. Isn’t that what we want to have happen in our schools?"

"I think it’s so important for us to be seen as nonpartisan in a highly-charged election environment," David Lussier, the Wellesley school superintendent, countered.

"We wanted to make sure that nothing we are doing would be perceived as biased in some way," Lussier added. "You’re not seeing Democratic candidates certainly."

There was one complaint by an unidentified person to the school’s interim principal, Rachel McGregor, after the morning show.

"They assume they did something wrong," added Laurie Mattaliano, the mom of the third performer, Christian.

"No words were spoken," Mattaliano stated. "It’s just pop culture. The skit took no stance in support or defamation."

"They were going to do Justin Bieber, but we went through his songs and they weren’t dancey enough."

Another performance featuring two other boys playing Donald Trump and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who dropped out fo the presidential race, was also canceled because an unidentified parent thought it made fun of the GOP, notes

Christine Norcross, whose son was going to be in that act, was just thankful that her boy knew who was running for president.

Yahoo! News reports that a trio of girls who called themselves the USA Freedom Kids did a dance performance in January before Trump spoke at a rally in Pensacola, Florida.

The girls lip-synced to their song "Freedom’s Call" while dressed in American flag cheerleader costumes.

Sources: The Boston Globe,, Yahoo! News / Photo credit: Christine Norcross/YouTube

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