Say Hello To The World's Most Muscular Kangaroo (Photos)


A popular Internet phenomenon is back, and more muscular than ever.

Roger the kangaroo, known as the world's most muscular kangaroo, is a popular part of Australia's Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. He was originally rescued in 2006 as a tiny orphaned joey after being found on the side of the road beside his dead mother.

Photos of the muscular kangaroo kickboxing and crushing metal buckets later went viral, before new photos emerged of Roger bent over on his hind legs with a fierce-looking face.

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"After a summer break we reopened this week for our guided sunset tours. Here is Roger enjoying the attention of our visitors!" the caption alongside the new photos read. The pictures were posted on the kangaroo sanctuary's social media pages.

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Though he looks tough and intimidating, Roger also reportedly has a softer side — often pictured hugging Easter Bunny and Santa Claus dolls.

Sanctuary employee Tahnee Barns said that Roger's size is completely normal for an alpha red male kangaroo.


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"He's still growing so he'll get bigger," she said. "The bigger they are, the more likely they are to win the females."

Sources: Daily Mail, Mashable / Photo credit: Daily Mail, Mashable

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