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Sasquatch Hunter Claims Bigfoot Can Be Seen In Old Footage (Video)

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New footage that reportedly shows Bigfoot has emerged on the Internet and features the beast struggling with something wrapped in cloth.

The shaky and grainy video shows a crouching figure holding some kind of bag. The video was filmed near Bluff Creek, California, where Bigfoot sightings are often alleged. The site is notorious for being the first place footage of Bigfoot was ever reportedly captured.

This most recent video lasts just five seconds and was filmed by Sasquatch researcher MK Davis. Although the video was filmed in 2008 during a trek with two other men, the video only recently gained popularity.

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While the group hadn’t originally noticed the alleged Bigfoot during their hike, Davis later saw the figure while editing his footage. After using software to stabilize the video, Davis spotted what he believes could be Bigfoot.

Davis has claimed that the left foot and toenails can be visibly seen in the brightened version of the video.

“It was really dark when I filmed it and I was quite zoomed in at the time so I didn’t see anything,” Davis said. “I had been up on the mountain with some friends and we had found a flat area with a carcass where a deer carcass was with the bones snapped and the marrow sucked out.”

Davis said they probably passed within 15 feet of the creature at some point.

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“I didn’t see anything,” Davis noted. “It must have seen me as I got closer and pulled the branches down over itself to hide.”

Davis, a so-called expert in Bigfoot sightings, has spent the last 18 years studying footage captured by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin.

Sources: DailyMail, Yahoo News

Photo Credit: Yahoo News 


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