Sarah Silverman's Exchange With Twitter User Goes Viral

Sarah Silverman's Exchange With Twitter User Goes Viral Promo Image

A Twitter exchange between comedienne Sarah Silverman and a user who called her the C-word has gone viral.

On Dec. 28, a Twitter user named Jeremy Jamrozy called Silverman a "c**t," but instead of engaging him in a war of words, Silverman took a much more effective approach, Bored Panda reported.

"I believe in you. I read ur timeline & I see what ur doing & your rage is thinly veiled pain. But u know that. I know this feeling. Ps My back F**king sux too. see what happens when u choose love. I see it in you."

"I can't choose love. A man that resembles Kevin spacey took that away when I was 8," Jamrozy responded. "I can't find peace if I could find that guy who ripped my body who stripped my innocence I'd kill him. He f**ked me up and I'm poor so [it's] hard to get help."

"I can’t imagine your rage. Just reading that makes me want to do bad things," Silverman wrote.  "Stand by."

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"Questions: (NOT JUDGING)  Are you doing heroin?" Silverman asked. "Are you self medicating? Do you want to get clean?"

"No I just smoke weed," Jamrozy responded. "I'm prescribed medications which I take accordingly."

"Good. I want to kill him too so I can’t imagine your rage," Silverman wrote. "All I know is this rage -- and even if you could kill him -- it’s punishing yourself. And you don’t deserve punishment. You deserve support. Go to one of these support groups. You might meet ur best bros there."

"These are support groups in San Antonio - everyone in these groups suffered sexual abuse," Silverman continued. "Go to one. Maybe it will be lame or suck but try one for me. Your friend the c**t who loves you."

Jamrozy appeared skeptical, but said he would take Silverman's advice.

"I will go. But I trust no one I've been burned so many times," Jamrozy explained. "I'd give the shirt off my back and [every time] I get burned. I'm super antisocial. I have no friends. I'm sorry I gave u s**t."

"[I'm] so psyched you’ll go. KEEP ME POSTED," Silverman responded. "Don’t give up on yourself. Be brave enough to risk getting burned. It’s what happens when u fight for yourself. But it’s worth it. I promise."

Jamrozy appeared grateful for Silverman's kind words and support.

"Lol thank u. ... ur so insightful. U got a degree or sumthing?? Lol I've always enjoyed ur comedy but wow wut a contrast u got urself a fan. Ur love for humanity. Its amazing."

"People got me smiling," Jamrozy wrote in a later tweet. "Y'all changed my opinion on people. I can see the love and humanity people now. My heart has grow thank u all of u."

Sources: Bored Panda, Twitter (2) / Featured Image: Joan Garvin via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Twitter

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