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Followers Roast Sarah Silverman For 'Swastika' Mistake (Photo)

Social media users criticized comedienne Sarah Silverman for mistaking neon orange construction markings for Nazi swastikas. 

The 46-year-old anti-President Donald Trump advocate tweeted she was on her way to a coffee shop when she saw the "swastikas" on the sidewalk, the Daily Mail reports. 

Her followers on social media pointed out that the harmless curvy markings are used by construction workers to locate underground pipes and wires. 

New York-based blogger Stephen Miller made fun of Silverman's mistake with a series of tweeted pictures of construction workers. 

After being clarified on what the markings are actually about, Silverman, who is Jewish, said weekly anti-Semitic remarks on social media have influenced her interpretation of what she sees and hears. 

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Silverman continued the conversation with tweets containing explicit language that criticized Trump and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. She claimed they have stirred up anti-Semitism in Americans. 

She cited Trump's gaffe in not mentioning Jewish people in his statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day. 

The comedienne confessed in a tweet that she sees swastikas in "everything" since Trump took the oath of office. 

In early February, Silverman jokingly called for a coup to topple the "mad King" Trump. 

She urged her near 10 million Twitter followers to "wake up" and "join the resistance," a World War II term being used by anti-Trump critics. 

According to The Telegraph, she had tweeted: "Wake up & join the resistance. Once the military is w us fascists get overthrown. Mad King & his handlers go bye bye."  

Silverman posted the tweet as protests over Milo Yiannopoulos' talk at UC Berkeley continued. His talk was eventually canceled.

Social media users called her "delusional" and "treasonous" on Twitter in response to her tweet. 

She responded with the following: "FEAR can motivate even peacenik snowflakes 2 incite violence & last night I felt it hard. Trying 2 keep in check bc d***it I love u America." 

The comic star is one of many celebrities to have spoken out against the current administration.

The celebrity was a fan of Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont before she threw her support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Jay Clendenin/Los Angeles Times, Sarah Silverman/Twitter via Daily Mail 

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