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Sarah Silverman Calls For Military Coup

On Feb. 1 comedian Sarah Silverman suggested the military might overthrow President Donald Trump.

"Once the military is w us fascists get overthrown," she tweeted. "Mad king & his handlers go bye bye."

Silverman posted the tweet while re-sharing a post listing various controversial actions Trump carried out on Feb. 1. 

They range from allegedly threatening Mexico and Iran to appointing oil executive Rex Tillerson as secretary of state.

While thousands shared and liked her response, Silverman's tweet proved highly controversial. 

"You're *literally* calling for a military coup," responded one man. "Do you think that ends in democracy?"

"You're practically giving Trump a second term, with your incendiary rhetoric," chimed in another. "If you continue with this, you're going to give the government a reason to crackdown on protests, and dissident voices."

Many criticized liberals for encouraging violence, with some adding Silverman should be punished for treason.

It appears extremists on both sides of the political spectrum have called for a similar overthrow, reports Mother Jones.

A former Trump delegate candidate from Tennessee also once echoed similar sentiments the Trump campaign later distanced itself from.

"The people have the right to assemble, bear arms, go to Washington, DC, or wherever necessary, and go into military battle against the government and replace those in government with individuals that will uphold the Constitution," said David Riden. "The Constitution should remain, but the people that are abusing it should be, the polite word is, eliminated."

It's not the first time Silverman has sparked controversy for declaring her political beliefs.

While she is adamantly opposed to Trump, Silverman has also criticized liberals.

During the 2016 presidential elections, Silverman initially supported Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont before switching over to the nominee, Hillary Clinton, Market Watch reports.

She upset many after criticized Sanders supporters at the Democratic National Convention.

“Can I just say to the Bernie or bust people, you’re being ridiculous,” she said amid a chorus of boos after she called for party unity. “Hillary is our Democratic nominee and I will proudly vote for her.”

Sources: Sarah Silverman/Twitter (2), Mother Jones and Market Watch / Photo credit: Joan Garvin/Wikimedia Commons

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