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Sarah Michelle Gellar Blasted For Son's Manicure (Photos)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Blasted For Son's Manicure (Photos) Promo Image

Some are criticizing actress Sarah Michelle Gellar's parenting skills after she took her son for a manicure.

Sarah, 40, shared details of her trip to the nail salon with 5-year-old Rocky on her Instagram story, the Daily Mail reports.

Sarah also posted pictures of the manicurist working on Rocky's hands, before later showing off both their manicures.

"We match," wrote Sarah on a photo boasting the duo's nails, which were painted black-with-gold-flecks.

The pictures almost immediately sparked controversy on the internet.

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While many commented on how sweet and brave the outing was, others were less than impressed.

"He needs band-aids on the ends of his fingers, from his Dad teaching him how work on a car, fish, hunt, and farm..." one person wrote Mic's Facebook post about the nails.

Some even accused Sarah of bad parenting, arguing the boy "will be bullied for life!"

A few went so far as to accuse the star of damaging the child.

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"This kind of thing should be outlawed as child abuse!" said one. "It can cause a child to doubt their true gender."

Others accused the actress of turning a personal moment into a political statement about "gender politics."

"If I took my 5 year old son to get full sleeve tattoos the world would go crazy. These children are being robbed of their own choices and shouldn't be subjected to carry out a LGBTQWERTY agenda."

Even those who didn't seem to mind the fact that they were both manicured expressed some reservations.

"If her son asked for this, I do not mind," one user wrote. "But if it was her idea, I think she made an attention seeking mistake. Kids are curious and it is OK to indulge to them when they start discovering the world but it is wrong to impose norms to them that they do not seem to care about."

However, many came to the star's defense.

"This proud daddy has pink and blue sparkly toe nails right now ... this world needs more color," retorted one father.

"Leave them alone," one woman wrote. "You have a mother and child enjoying their time together. Comfortable jn their own skin, no judging nor shaming each other all for the LOVE of each other. So for those people who think this is child abuse, I feel sorry for you. To criticize her for being a good mom to her son, being an open- minded person at that is pure ignorance."

Even singer Demi Lovato chimed in.

"Sarah Michelle Gellar lets her son get his nails painted," she tweeted. "If she isn’t mom goals, and an example of good parenting... Then, I don’t know what is."

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