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Rumors Abound Taylor Swift Is Pregnant (Photo)

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Could singer Taylor Swift be pregnant?

That's what some fans are wondering after suspicious-looking photos sent the internet into a frenzy, the Revelist reports.

In the picture, Swift, 28, is smiling with a fan while her loose sweatshirt dress billows out, causing many to wonder if she is boasting a baby bump.

"Guys what if gorgeous by [Taylor Swift] is a baby announcement???" asked one fan on Twitter before deleting the tweet, Teen Vogue reports. "idk if this is a bad angle but she looks pregnant???? IMAGINE OMG."

In other photos, Swift dons oversized clothing and again looks like she may have gained a few pounds, exciting even more, VT reports.

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"I mean is [Taylor Swift] pregnant orrrrrrrr .....?" wondered one Twitter user.

"i’m calling it now: taylor swift is pregnant," eagerly proclaimed another.

Fans soon noted it's not the first time Swift has donned baggy clothes since returning to the music world in September, fueling rumors she's hiding a baby bump. The star also wore loose clothing while performing at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London, England, on Dec. 10.

Now speculation abounds that the star is pregnant with her boyfriend and British actor, Joe Alwyn.

"What’s up with this “new” Taylor Swift? Baggy clothes, trying to be all mysterious," tweeted one person. "Is she pregnant? Hiding a turkey? She’s acting like a pregnant Kardashian, except she’s talented."

However, not everybody is convinced Swift is pregnant.

One fan who attended Swift's secret session says the star told fans she has just gained weight.

"At the [Secret Session] she was like 'I gained 15 pounds and everyone thinks I’m pregnant, I’m not.' She also said about how the [paparazzi] are really rude and would yell mean things at her like she’s pregnant."

Those who don't believe the weight she has gained is pregnancy-related have responded with a myriad of body-shaming comments.

"Taylor really need to go back to her diet," commented one person on Twitter. "She’s really gone too far this time. This is nearly overweight, not looking healthy at all. I want the Old Taylor!"

While some criticized the star for her alleged weight gain, many quickly defended Swift.

"Taylor Swift finally looks like she’s at a [healthy] weight and y'all mfs wanna assume she’s pregnant lmaoo y'all wild," one person lashed back.

"Why is it, though, that every time a celebrity steps out in something slightly oversized, the world begins whispers (and screams) of a child on the way?" opines Avery Matera for Teen Vogue. "It's really not OK to speculate on whether someone's pregnant or not, especially if it's solely based on what they wear."

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