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Is Rosie O'Donnell Photo A Preview Of Things To Come?

In early February, Rosie O'Donnell was asked by a fan if she would be interested in impersonating President Donald Trump's Chief Strategist, Steven Bannon, on "Saturday Night Live."

"Available -- if called I will serve," tweeted O'Donnell in response, reports

Now a photo of her face superimposed on Bannon's has gone viral. It features the caption "A [Rosie] picture is worth a thousand words," to which O'Donnell replied: "Exactly."

On the Feb. 4 episode of "SNL," Melissa McCarthy generated mass amusement with her portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer as a hot-headed, gum-chomping maniac.

Uncharacteristically, Trump did not criticize it on Twitter. However, considering his notoriously thin skin and ongoing feud with O'Donnell, few expect him to remain silent if she does a parody of Bannon.

O'Donnell has been Trump's primary nemesis since 2006, when she began using her platform as co-host of "The View" to make fun of him, observes The Washington Post.

“He annoys me on a multitude of levels,” O’Donnell said of Trump on the popular talk show. “He’s the moral authority? Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair. ... Donald: Sit and spin, my friend. I don’t enjoy him.” She also questioned his aptitude as a businessman, pointing to his numerous bankruptcies.

In response, Trump has frequently called her names.  

On “Entertainment Tonight,” he called her “disgusting” and “a slob” with “a fat, ugly face," notes The New York Times. “We’re all a little chubby, but Rosie is just worse than most of us,” he added. “But it’s not the chubbiness. Rosie is a very unattractive person, both inside and out.”

On the “Late Show With David Letterman” he referred to her as “a degenerate,” which many interpreted as a comment on the fact that she had recently come out as a lesbian.

On Twitter, he denounced her as "a mentally sick woman, a bully, a dummy and, above all, a loser."

When asked if his feud with her would ever end, he replied: “No, it will never end, but she has become totally irrelevant!” An appearance on "SNL," however, might change that perception.

Sources:, The Washington Post, The New York Times / Photo credit: Twitter via CNN

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