Ronda Rousey Responds To Marine Who Publicly Asked Her To Be His Date For Marine Corps Ball (Video)


UFC Champion Ronda Rousey has been in the news after a U.S. Marine did what thousands of men around the world wish they were brave enough to do (video below).

On Aug. 22, Marine Jarrod Haschert uploaded a video to Facebook publicly asking Rousey to be his date for  the upcoming Marine Corps Ball. 

The video has been viewed nearly 5 million times and it looks like it may pay off for Haschert.

TMZ Sports caught up with Rousey and asked her if she had a response to the video.

“I would go for sure," the UFC fighter said. "But I don’t know … Do I call him? Or do I set up a time and place like 'Never Been Kissed' and wait until the clock runs out and be like ‘I’m here!’”

Rousey added that she originally hadn't responded because she would be training for a fight, but that the fight was postponed so she may be available to go with Haschert now.

Sources: Independent Journal, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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